House Rules
The changes will live here as they are added to the game.

The Calendar Year of 2071

Karma → Nuyen or Nuyen → Karma Conversion Rules:

  • Nuyen or Karma can be converted to the other during down time only.
  • 1 Karma can be gained at the expense of 2500 Nuyen.
  • 2500 Nuyen can be gained at the expense of 1 Karma
  • This conversion requires a good story during downtime to be permitted.
  • Each transaction must be approved by Game Master.
  • A character can only use/gain a maximum of their edge in Karma in this fashion during downtime.

Troop Play

  • Troop Play – Each Player can have up to 3 Characters to select from
  • Stories will be pitched to the players and as a group will decide what character’s will be played.
  • Karma at the end of missions will be given to main character: 3 points + RPG/Mission Goals/ETC: Alt characters also get 3 points.
  • To Save a Characters Life – Karma 5 / Can’t Play for the next mission
  • Need to upload characters to Obsidian Portal in the Character section and approved.
  • Characters can not use other troop characters during a mission unless they have them as a contact.


  • If the Technomancer is using her living persona, decking skills are based on Resonance, however if she is using a cyberdeck they work as normal for a Decker.


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