Human Male Fixer


Connection Rating: 3


Key Active Skills: Negotiation: 5; Etiquette: 4; Influence: 3; Clubs: 2
Key Knowledge Skills: Denver Gangs: 4; Cityspeak: 3; Spanish: 3; Russian: 2
Cyberware/Bioware: None
Gear: Stun Baton, Armor Jacket, commlink Uses: Izzy’s a specialist in human resources. While he’s not as useful at procuring hard to find items, if you need an ally in a pinch, he can usually find one for hire.
Places to Meet: Various smoky bars and all- night diners throughout Denver
Contact: Commlink


Izzy works as a Fixer, primarily for the Vory, though not under their direct employ. He nurtures a tier of secondhand contacts and jobs. He makes his connections across gang boundaries, taking care of business for rivals and partners alike, and they all seem to actually like him for it because he plays no favorites. Lately, the Vory seem to be taking up more of his time as they build their presence in Denver. Izzy has attempted to make it clear that he enjoys playing Switzerland, and so far they seem to be respecting that…but he’s gotten the idea, who knows for how long.

Izzy still has a southwest twang. Soft- spoken, he remains a shrewd negotiator.


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