Nikolai Kirillov

Russian Human Male


Key Active Skills: Clubs: 3; Perception: 2; Pistols: 3; Intimidation: 4; Negotiation: 2

Uses: Information on Vory practices, assistance with any extra-legal activities in the Aurora Warrens.
Places to Meet: Wherever he asks, but typically in the Warrens.
Contact: Commlink


Nikolai started out running errands in St Petersburg for the local Vor. He worked his way up in a trail of blood, leaving Russia after a run-in with a General in the Russian army. The Vor is an intimidating large bear, quick to anger but cautious.

Towering two meters in loose fitting work pants and a tight stretch tee, the Vor uses his mass and size to his advantage in negotiations. His scars are reminders that he has seen more fights than most people and that his position can be taken from him the same way.

Nikolai Kirillov

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