Miguel Sanchez

Ork Male Mafia Fixer


Key Active Skills: Negotiations: 4; Intimidation: 3; Etiquette: 3 (Street 2); Survival: 2 (Urban2)
Key Knowledge Skills: Mafia Run Establishments: 5; Denver Area Knowledge: 2; Gang ID: 4
Cyberware/Bioware: Datajack, Muscle Replacement
Gear: RemingtonRoomsweeper,Harley Davidson Scorpion, Armor Jacket, Sony Emperor Commlink, running Redcap Nix OS Uses: Mafia activities; BTL smuggling; Hiring muscle for street jobs
Places to Meet: UCAS dive bars; Mafia Fences; Ganger hang-outs
Contact: Commlink


At 2m and 100kg, Miguel fills most rooms that he walks in. He’s loud, brash, and often tries to intimidate those around him if he thinks that he can get away with it. He is the street though down to his badly shaven head and gold plated tusk. The ork understands the pulse and hardship that moves through the squatter life. Since becoming more legit, he has developed a soft spot for some of the untouchable groups— older women and young children. Under his coat, Miguel generally has a couple bucks in hard currency or a few granola bars to pass out.

Miguel Sanchez

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