Matty Zorn

Human Male Former Smuggler Bartender and Owner of Five by Five Tavern


Human Male; Connection Rating 3

Key Active Skills: Automatics: 3; Electronics: 4; Gunnery: 4; Pilot Aircraft: 6; Pilot Ground Craft: 4;
Key Knowledge Skills: Street Rumors:4; Smuggling Routes: 1, Denver Fixers: 3 Cyberware/Bioware: Cybereyes, Datajack, Reaction Enhancers
Gear: Armor Jacket
Uses: Connecting with Smugglers; Finding out current rumors; Looking for a place to hole up Places to Meet: Five by Five
Contact: Commlink


A professional barman who just wants to be left alone by the syndicates, Matty Zorn set up shop down in the abandoned subway developments. He knows people who know people, and serves as a middleman, never asking too many questions and just handing over names and phone numbers.

Pushing forty with a vengeance, the Denver native doesn’t like to worry about everything that happened before he was born and focuses on the present, thinking as far forward as next month’s supply shipment. Matty sells drinks at honest prices to dishonest men, but they all pay in advance. The bartender has been a sounding board often enough that he jokes he should have been a priest but he liked the drink too much to give it up.

Matty Zorn

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