Troll Female DocWagon Hospital Greeter


Troll Female; Connection Rating: 2

Active Skills: Perception: 3, Influence Group: 5; First Aid: 2; Intimidation: 2
Knowledge Skills: DocWagon Policies: 4; PCC Rumors: 2; Professional Knowledge (Administrator): 4; Cityspeak: 2
Gear: commlink


Madge recently won the DocWagon National Employee Award for “Coolest In A Crisis,” given monthly to non-medical personnel only, for the third time in a year. Her maternal nature soothes even the savage gang-beast. Gentle in demeanor but unyielding when it counts. She is not a nurse, but she has been here long enough to tell a real injury from blobs of cornstarch and red food coloring.

She’s solidly built, but she has a round face and her hands and skin are very soft, especially for a troll.. She dresses neatly in long skirts, and tailored jackets that flatter her rounder figure. Her voice projects across the lobby even when she is speaking “quietly.” She never has to actually yell at anyone, instead the force appears underneath the voice and others do as they are told as if it was their own mother instructing them.


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