Lade Jade


Arms Dealer; Fixer Human Female
Connection Rating: 3

Key Active Skills: Con: 4, Dodge: 2, Close Combat: 4, Etiquette: 5, Intimidation: 3, Negotiation: 5, Perception: 3, Pistols: 4

Key Knowledge Skills: Denver Yakuza Operations: 4, Denver Underworld Politics: 4, Weapon Values: 4

Cyberware/Bioware: Tailored Pheromones (Rating 3)

Gear: Ares Predator IV, Lined Coat, Suzuki Mirage

Uses: Weapons pricing, fencing, and acquisition; Information on Denver Yakuza

Places to Meet: Matrix, UCAS clubs

Contact: Commlink


What the streets say, “Lady Jade is one of Denver’s most powerful independent arms dealers. She is sexy and tough. Her communication skills can rapidly polarize from civilly intellectual and delicately eloquent to brutish, crass, and brigandine. Lady Jade is loyal to a fault, but she can make as ruthless of an enemy as she does a reliable ally.”

Lade Jade

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