Jana McKee

Human Female Coyote Smuggler


Coyote Human Female
Connection Rating: 2
Key Active Skills: Intimidation: 3; Dodge: 3 Pistols: 3; Blades: 3
Key Knowledge Skills: Denver Area Knowledge: 3; CAS:UCAS Border: 4; Denver Smugglers: 3
Cyberware/Bioware: None
Gear: CeskaBlackScorpion;LinedCoat Uses: Smuggling activities; Crossing the CAS:UCAS border; Casquilho family activities Places to Meet: Aurora Warrens dive bars; Five by Five
Contact: Commlink


Plain of appearance, with a medium height and build, Jana relies on her ability to blend in during her work. This coyote is fiercely loyal to her community and friends, and she seems utterly fearless. She often jumps first and only realizes the level of danger after the fact. Her shoulder length dark blonde hair is generally pulled back in a ponytail and blue eyes help her fall into the background of most groups. While her clothing choices are feminine, the style is fairly asexual with a masculine bent.

Jana McKee

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