Jack Diamond

Knight Errant Detective Human Male


Knight Errant Detective Human Male
Connection Rating: 2
Key Active Skills: Etiquette: 4 (Street +2); Shadowing: 2; Perception: 3; Pistols: 4
Key Knowledge Skills: Crime Syndicates: 3; Illegal Goods: 3; Law Enforcement: 4; Local Gangs: 4; Police Procedures: 4 Cyberware/Bioware: ReactionEnhancers2, Wired Reflex 1, Smartlink
Gear: Armor Jacket, Browning Max-Power Uses: Information on syndicate and law enforcement activities; Police database searches
Places to Meet: Seedy restaurants throughout the CAS sector
Contact: Commlink


For two years Jack worked in the shadows identifying key players in crime syndicates and setting up sting operations. He changed job positions when his data trail caught up to him. He now investigates criminal activity, but still has a soft spot for hard luck runners. Jack has been at the end of a bad deal with Mr. Johnson before and it left him jaded.

Jack harbors some eccentricities from his time undercover. He carries his commlink like a pocketsec, only pulling it out to do work with an attached display. He manually drives a car with a physical switch to disable autopilot. And he keeps his data trail to a minimum with certified credsticks.

Jack Diamond

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