Doc Tico

Human Street Doc


Human Street Doc
Connection Rating: 3
Key Active Skills: Medicine: 5; Perception: 3; Instruction: 2; Cybertechnology: 4
Key Knowledge Skills: Anatomy: 3; Professional Knowledge (Medical): 4; Pharmaceuticals: 3; Biology: 2; Chemistry: 2 Cyberware: None
Gear: No shadowrunning relevant gear.
Uses: If you need routine medical care at reasonable prices, or emergency treatment with no questions asked, Doc Tico’s the man to talk to.
Places to Meet: Jantico Medical Clinic, PCC Contact: Commlink or in person


“Doc Tico” is in his early 40s. After working for close to ten years at a large private hospital, he started questioning his purpose. He poured all his savings into starting a clinic for the poor and SINless of PCC. He charged shadow runners but gave “plain” citizens free medical care. It grew to where he could have a real storefront instead of the back room of someone else’s. He still only charges the runners and gives medical care to the community for free. He offers elective surgery to them as well, at low rates.

He’s visibly tired most of the time, because he puts such long hours in and never takes a break for himself to truly rest. But when he talks about the work he’s doing you can see the energy behind it, his whole face lights up and he starts talking faster. Otherwise he speaks reasonably slowly and “well-modulated,” like someone who is used to explaining things and doesn‘t mind.

Doc Tico

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