Dean Costello

Human Male Mafia Hacker


Mafia Hacker Human Male
Connection Rating: 2
Key Active Skills: Computer: 4; Data Search: 3; Etiquette: 2 (Mob +2); Hacking: 4
Key Knowledge Skills: Mob Politics: 5; Police Procedures: 2
Cyberware/Bioware: None
Gear: Hammerli620S,ArmorVest,Transys Avalon running Iris Orb
Uses: Hacking jobs and data searches; information on the Casquilho family’s activities
Places to Meet: Marcel’s; Tower of Babel; Casquilho imports, Matrix
Contact: Commlink


Dean is a late 20-something hacker for the Casquilho family. His good looks and charms, have lead him to seducing corporate secretaries/female wage slaves to gain access to their corporations for schemes of blackmail and extortion. Only once was he caught in a sting operation. That put him away for 5 years, but he gained respect, as he never gave up the family to police. He’s moved away from his previous MO, to working money laundering and writing fake licenses for the Don.

Dean Costello

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